About the Authors

When Jordan was born with a unique genetic anomaly in the summer of 2000, there seemed to be little hope that she would lead a normal life. Her parents, however, refused to give up on Jordan. They were determined to help her live a fulfilling and rewarding life, and they have been tenacious in finding ways to help her overcome her many challenges.

Jordan is unable to swallow food, and she does not have the strength or balance to walk without assistance. She suffers from seizures, which medications have been unable to control. An immune deficiency leaves her vulnerable to infections. Although Jordan is intelligent and opinionated, communicating has been her biggest challenge because she lacks the vocal cord development to speak.

Today, Jordan uses a wheelchair to get around. She is learning to walk with the assistance of her service dog, Baker, and another helper. A special ketogenic diet helps to control her seizures. Recently, Jordan has learned to communicate her thoughts and preferences using sign language and a tablet. She enjoys reading, fashion, shopping, and adaptive snow skiing and horseback riding. She especially loves to travel, and finds adventures everywhere she goes.

Jordan’s nurse, Rachelle, met Jordan when she was one year old. Immediately the two formed a special connection that has grown into a close bond. They are so in tune with each other that they often communicate without ever speaking a word. When they had finished reading the last book in their favorite series, The Boxcar Children®, they decided together to write their own adventure/mystery book.

Mystery At The Horse Show is the first book in their new series called Giddy Up Girls. Proceeds from the sale of Mystery At The Horse Show will be donated to the Jordan Fund, a nonprofit fund Jordan’s parents have set up to help children with special needs.